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One Time

A dance workout, to keep both of us in shape, especially since we are both working from home and sitting at desks for long hours. Our garage has been converted to a small dance floor for several years now. Having it means we can step onto it any hour of the day and get some dancing in!

In this dance, I even try that knee-drop move… with the opposite foot! I’ve done this before, but with my right foot landing on the floor. I hesitate for a few minutes for two reasons:

  1. I’ve never done it with this foot before
  2. I was trying to hit something in the music

Still, it was a fun song to dance and improv to. These types of songs have a lot of fun moments, even though it’s a slower song. Still, it’s fun to experiment.

The song we dance to in this video is my Marian Hill, “One Time”. Note: we do not own the rights to this song.

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Ethereal Legend

West Coast Swing

This is the “ethereal” version of “Legend” dance. To see the regular version, without the effects, please check out Rene’s Facebook page here. In this version, I really had fun adding in the effects.

The song we are dancing to is “Is Your Love Strong Enough” from the Tom Cruise movie “Legend”. And I have a thing for the ethereal. So naturally, combining these two facets of fantasy entertainment was a no-brainer for me. In fact, the first time I saw the movie legend was sometime in the early to mid 90’s. I always liked this song, even back then, way before I was into West Coast Swing.

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Left Over Birthday Cake Dance

Left Over Birthday Cake Dance - West Coast Swing

Left Over Birthday Cake Dance

We found some left over birthday cake! This is another dance from Jen’s 50th birthday. Here we are celebrating by dancing to Tongue Tied July by Michael Brun X Roy English.

It was Jen’s original plan to throw a large party over at the Haute Enchilada in Moss Landing, CA for her 50th birthday. Due to COVID, we obviously could not do that. We did have lunch there and, as you can see, we had fun dancing at home.

Check out our other post “Jen’s Birthday Dances!” to see more birthday dances.

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Jen’s Birthday Dances!

Jen's 2020 Birthday Dance

This one is a two-fer! Two dances for Jen’s 2020 Birthday Celebration. We call this “Nifty-Fifty”! Yep, this was Jen’s 50th birthday celebration!! We had fun celebrating and dancing.

The two songs we danced two were “Forever” by J Sutta and “The Creeper Returns” by Mississippi Blues Band. Note: nope, we don’t own the rights to these songs!

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Don’t Wait – Just Dance!

West Coast Swing - Don't Wait Just Dance - Rene and Jennifer

Don’t Wait – Just Dance!

Dancin' and ALMOST fallin'!

A new dance practice session, this time workin’ it to “Don’t Wait” by Mapei. Great song, we love dancing to it!

At one point in this dance, there is line in the song, “No one’s got your back like I do”, wherein I bring Jen into close and go into a drop/dip move. On the way up, I lose my balance but recover enough for it to not be a fall. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Or, if you do, make sure you and your partner have an understanding. Still, it’s never pleasant when a fall happens, but they do happen. Be safe out there, as we’ve had our share of slips and falls.

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Slow Water and Please Admit One

West Coast Swing - Slow Water

Slow Water and Please Admit One

The date was April 9, 2020. We are still under shelter-in-place orders here in California, so Jen and I get ready to do some more dancing in our garage.

We dance to two songs:

  1. “Fluid” by Ames
  2. “Dilemma” by Rob Murat

In the “Please Admit One” song, our cat Princess Greya makes a quick appearance at the beginning of our dance. Once she sees what we’re about to do, she high-tails it outta there! We love our fur-baby 🙂




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Gonna Look You In The Eye

West Coast Swing - Gonna Look You In The Eye

This is our practice dance from May 5, 2020. Still sheltering in place per  COVID-19, Jen and I feel the urge to bust out some West Coast Swing dancing. You get to watch a totally unedited, on the fly video. Seriously, one take,  keepin’ it real!

The song is “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo.

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Dancing in my Sweats?!

West Coast Swing - Dancing in my Sweats

The date was April 19, 2020. Jennifer and I had been working long, hard hours as the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic had firmly taken root in our lives and pretty much the entire nation.

Since the first shelter-in-place orders were given in March, we’d both been working from home, doing our best to serve our clients. Jen owns a digital marketing agency and I am an illustrator/graphic artist. We both work from home.

We’re fortunate that we are able to work together in both our businesses. Well, one night, some friends were telling us via our online hangout that we, of all people should be dancing together. After all, we are married and have small dance floor in our garage.

This here is our very first dance during the COVID-19 era! Obviously Jen and I have been dancing West Coast Swing for around 10 years at this point, but it felt good just to move and get some of the dust off of our bones.

The idea to film ourselves was to show our friends that we really did dance. But, as it turned out, the opportunity to film was also a way to document our dance progress. Since COVID hit, we have not been holding our monthly dances or teaching any private lessons. That means no practice, no dance movement!

Well, that spurred us on to continue to do more dancing but to also capture our movement on video and see how we look. While we can see how we’re dancing, we’re mostly just having fun, at times hamming it up for the camera. And really, that’s what we’re in it for right now.

If we can make you smile or laugh, then we’ve done our job. We’re having fun, getting in some exercise…all while doing it in our sweats!