West Coast Swing - Fallin' - Rene and Jennifer

Dancing and Practicing West Coast Swing https://youtu.be/khNF5H0SvMo We’re trying to get in at least one dance a week…maybe two! Working from home (even before COVID) means we are slaves to our desks almost all day long and all night long. Getting up to dance is our way to relax, practice, and unwind. The song we […]

You Better You Better Than This!

West Coast Swing You Better You Better Than This!

Here is our dance practice session from May 7, 2020. I believe we posted another dance from this same date on Facebook. In fact, I’m sure we did, as these videos here are one of several we filmed that day. What you’ll see here are our honest recordings, no editing, just straight up hit the […]

Anchors Away

West Coast Swing - Anchros Away

https://youtu.be/TuhAQS9YVJI From May 5, 2020. A fun dance to the song “Anchor” by Cailee Ray. One of the things I’m always trying to work on is posture. If you look at the thumbnail image for myself and Jennifer, you’ll notice our posture looks decent. Do we hold it throughout the dance? Not as much as […]