Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, all workshops, social dances, and private lessons are cancelled until further notice. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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All workshops and dances have been cancelled until further notice.


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Welcome to the RenJen Dance blog, where “Ren”, Rene Arreola, and “Jen”, Jennifer Filzen, share their love of dancing West Coast Swing. This is like a blog of our dances, starting at the beginning of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place. Since we are not able to teach dance or participate or hold social dances, we’ve decided to share with the world the way we dance West Coast Swing.

West Coast Swing

Throwback Dance: Carmel Highlands Inn

https://youtu.be/tp6xldWduCw Back in the day, one of the best places to dance on the Monterey Peninsula was at the Carmel Highlands Inn. Before COVID-19 was even a news headline, the dancing at this great spot

Left Over Birthday Cake Dance - West Coast Swing

Left Over Birthday Cake Dance

https://youtu.be/azcJXMZvJfs We found some left over birthday cake! This is another dance from Jen’s 50th birthday. Here we are celebrating by dancing to Tongue Tied July by Michael Brun X Roy English. It was Jen’s

Jen's 2020 Birthday Dance

Jen’s Birthday Dances!

https://youtu.be/V8covr-dGYY This one is a two-fer! Two dances for Jen’s 2020 Birthday Celebration. We call this “Nifty-Fifty”! Yep, this was Jen’s 50th birthday celebration!! We had fun celebrating and dancing. The two songs we danced

West Coast Swing - Don't Wait Just Dance - Rene and Jennifer

Don’t Wait – Just Dance!

Dancin’ and ALMOST fallin’! https://vimeo.com/457321904/b6b9ac948c A new dance practice session, this time workin’ it to “Don’t Wait” by Mapei. Great song, we love dancing to it! At one point in this dance, there is line

West Coast Swing - Fallin' - Rene and Jennifer


Dancing and Practicing West Coast Swing https://youtu.be/khNF5H0SvMo We’re trying to get in at least one dance a week…maybe two! Working from home (even before COVID) means we are slaves to our desks almost all day

West Coast Swing - "Low Fast Car

“Low” Fast Car

https://youtu.be/sX2j5XGPbYc It seems like all we’re able to do these days is either walk or drive, with not a whole lot of anything else to do in between. Trying to enjoy a little more dancing

West Coast Swing - Crushing It

Crushing It!

https://youtu.be/CesvsF-NEpU One of our very first dances where I started to add a little more with editing in Adobe After Affects. I was getting my toes wet after learning how to edit videos in 2018,

West Coast Swing - Dancing Under The Stars

Dancing Under The Stars

More dance practice fun from May 16, 2020. The song is “After Tonight” by Justin Nozuka. We had fun working/practicing on our dance. And I had fun adding the stars over our heads.

West Coast Swing - Slow Water

Slow Water and Please Admit One

https://youtu.be/MIOgYgxWDKIhttps://youtu.be/Eo7Flm_j9T0 The date was April 9, 2020. We are still under shelter-in-place orders here in California, so Jen and I get ready to do some more dancing in our garage. We dance to two songs:

West Coast Swing You Better You Better Than This!

You Better You Better Than This!

Here is our dance practice session from May 7, 2020. I believe we posted another dance from this same date on Facebook. In fact, I’m sure we did, as these videos here are one of