Left Over Birthday Cake Dance

Left Over Birthday Cake Dance - West Coast Swing

https://youtu.be/azcJXMZvJfs We found some left over birthday cake! This is another dance from Jen’s 50th birthday. Here we are celebrating by dancing to Tongue Tied July by Michael Brun X Roy English. It was Jen’s original plan to throw a large party over at the Haute Enchilada in Moss Landing, CA for her 50th birthday. […]

Jen’s Birthday Dances!

Jen's 2020 Birthday Dance

https://youtu.be/V8covr-dGYY This one is a two-fer! Two dances for Jen’s 2020 Birthday Celebration. We call this “Nifty-Fifty”! Yep, this was Jen’s 50th birthday celebration!! We had fun celebrating and dancing. The two songs we danced two were “Forever” by J Sutta and “The Creeper Returns” by Mississippi Blues Band. Note: nope, we don’t own the […]

Don’t Wait – Just Dance!

West Coast Swing - Don't Wait Just Dance - Rene and Jennifer

Dancin’ and ALMOST fallin’! https://vimeo.com/457321904/b6b9ac948c A new dance practice session, this time workin’ it to “Don’t Wait” by Mapei. Great song, we love dancing to it! At one point in this dance, there is line in the song, “No one’s got your back like I do”, wherein I bring Jen into close and go into […]


West Coast Swing - Fallin' - Rene and Jennifer

Dancing and Practicing West Coast Swing https://youtu.be/khNF5H0SvMo We’re trying to get in at least one dance a week…maybe two! Working from home (even before COVID) means we are slaves to our desks almost all day long and all night long. Getting up to dance is our way to relax, practice, and unwind. The song we […]

“Low” Fast Car

West Coast Swing - "Low Fast Car

https://youtu.be/sX2j5XGPbYc It seems like all we’re able to do these days is either walk or drive, with not a whole lot of anything else to do in between. Trying to enjoy a little more dancing here and there 🙂 This is one of my favorite songs to dance to, “Fast Car”. This rendition is by […]