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West Coast Swing Dance Lessons on the Monterey Peninsula

Private Dance Lessons Now Available!

The West Coast Swing Dance Company is currently not hosting any dance parties or workshops/classes. However, we are currently offering private lessons at our home dance studio. Rene and Jennifer are available for private lessons in for up to two people for up to one hour per session. Please email us to set up a time or if you have any questions. Email:

Rene and Jennifer 2020

Hi, we’re Rene and Jennifer! Together we’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for over ten years. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in July 2020. We are forever students of this dance, have been teachers of this dance, and have even competed in this dance. But the one thing we’ve managed to keep is our love for this dance and the community it creates for us dancers.

COVID-19 dealt a significant blow to the world as we know it, and we’ve felt that in our little dance world as well. While things appear to be opening up here in California, The West Coast Swing Dance Company will not hold or put on any group workshops or social dances. However, we are open again to teaching private lessons in our home studio. If you’ve never danced West Coast Swing before, we specialize in beginners! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

private dance lessons

We’ve been doing our best to stay active, and dancing is part of our regular routine. In this new blog, we’ve started recording some of our dances and sharing them online. Click here to view our dance videos.

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